Back Pain

Back pain can be one of the most debilitating conditions that people suffer from. Whether it’s a dull constant ache or sharp sudden pain, any level of back discomfort can prevent you from enjoying the simplest pleasures, such as relaxing outdoors or gentle exercise.

Thankfully with the right specialist help, back pain can be overcome.

Here at the London Pain Clinic we’ve specialised in the effective treatment of back pain for many years. Our expert service combines individual care with state of the art technology, to help you get you back to your best.

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If you are experiencing painful, tender spots throughout your body accompanied by varying levels of fatigue, you could be suffering from Fibromyalgia.

A frustrating condition often associated with stiffness and even cognitive problems, the scope and severity of Fibromyalgia symptoms vary widely from patient to patient. Therefore, tackling the syndrome calls for a specially tailored, multidisciplinary plan.

Here at the London Pain Clinic, we are specialists in successfully treating Fibromyalgia. Put your pain in our hands and we will employ the right combination of expert interventions to help aid your recovery.

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Head and Face Pain

Anyone can fall prey to chronic head and face pain but sadly, sufferers are misdiagnosed every day. Symptoms including pain in the eyes, frequent headaches, or a stiff neck or shoulder muscles can indicate a much more complicated condition. Therefore it is vital that such complaints are correctly interpreted.

Here at the London Pain Clinic we understand that each case is different – even among patients suffering with the same medical problem. Our specialism is delivering expert care that helps you, and makes your head and face pain a mere memory.

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Neck Pain

If you’ve been suffering from chronic neck pain you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Aside from dealing with repeated discomfort that can complicate even the simplest of everyday tasks, sufferers are often misdiagnosed and left wondering if the problem can ever be solved.

Thankfully, with expert treatment, there is relief from neck pain.

At the London Pain Clinic we employ leading edge methods and are meticulous in addressing your problem – enabling you to get back to life at your very best.

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Pain Specialist

If you’ve been battling with chronic pain for some time, you may be at a loss of what to do or where to turn. All too often patients with complex conditions are prescribed general medication and bed rest, only to find their problem persists, or worsens over time.

When formal solutions just haven’t been effective, it’s time to see a specialist.

At the London Pain Clinic, we’re experienced in treating more than 90 pain conditions, and, we’re highly proficient in delivering tailored, private care. Our founder, Dr Chris Jenner is renowned as the go-to doctor when pain is the barrier to rehabilitation.

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Welcome to the London Pain Clinic

London’s leading pain consultants for pain management, treatment and care

Dr Chris Jenner Recognised In Tatler Magazine’s Doctors Guide 2013

Founder of the London Pain Clinic, Dr Chris Jenner, has been recognised as one of the top 250 consultants in the UK. Selected as a leader in the Pain Specialist category, Dr Jenner is praised for excellence in treating persistent spinal, nerve, bone and joint pain. With his colleague and fellow pain consultant Dr Jonathan Stewart, he has championed an interdisciplinary approach to patient care, duly recognised in this prestigious Doctors Guide, produced annually by Tatler Magazine.

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Spine Pain

Spinal disorders can cause significant distress and rob sufferers of a fulfilling life. What’s worse, many patients are misdiagnosed, which only adds to a sense of frustration. At the London Pain Clinic we have treated countless patients living with unimaginable states of physical discomfort. It is our commitment to offer patients who have not yet found relief, a lasting solution. Through expert diagnosis and individual treatment plans, we can make your spine pain a thing of the past.


Nerve Pain

When the vast communication network between the brain and the rest of the body are damaged, nerve pain or neuropathic pain is often the result. Until the damaged nerves are healed, patients will continue to suffer discomfort and disruption to their lives. Here at the London Pain Clinic, we are experts in the successful treatment of nerve pain. Through uniquely tailored plans that combine specialist knowledge and leading edge methods, we can help put nerve pain behind you.


Musculoskeletal Pain

Any degree of musculoskeletal pain can cause great discomfort and have a profound effect on the things you like to do best. Relaxing outdoors, gentle exercise or even rolling over in your sleep can become impossible. At the London Pain Clinic we do whatever it takes to get to the root of your problem. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, our specialist doctors will deliver a tailored combination of effective interventions to get you fighting fit – fast.